To reframe the narrative about the Millennial generation, and in the process build community that can help to enact positive change.

As millennials, the integrity of our entire generation has been questioned. We are regarded as "snowflakes", a group of young people who think that we are each so individually special that we are all deserving of a reward just for existing. Although narcissism and selfishness run rampant amongst every generation, we started MDS in an effort to showcase those millennials who ARE demonstrating timeless values of compassion, selflessness, ambition and contrarian critical thinking. 

Through exposing those Millennials amongst us making positive change, we hope to uplift other and imbue a sense of hope and contagious passion where it may not already exist.  

Matt Little

Ari Andersen

Former foreign policy advisor and anti-piracy advocate. Jeopardy alternate. Lived with a devout Muslim family in West Africa. Traveled to 50+ countries. I want to lift up all the rocks to see what bugs are underneath. 

PR/logistics for non-profits. Award-winning film guy. Celebrity whisperer. Avid rock-climber. Adventurer. Struck by lightning. Runs a community theater non-profit/art collective. Former martial arts fighter. Jazz drummer.