Episode 39 - Jessica Jin (Cocks Not Glocks) -- MILLENNIALS DON'T SUCK PODCAST

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Jessica Jin, the founder an organization called Cocks Not Glocks, which she started by accident after creating a fake Facebook event at UT Austin to protest the impending concealed carry on campuses law in Texas. Her event blew up overnight, and she woke up the next morning to 10,000 attendees, media requests, and being doxxed by Neo-Nazis. 10 months later, she held the protest and handed out 5000 dildos around campus.

 "The protest served to challenge Americans to reconsider what objects they consider obscene, normal, and acceptable in their daily lives. Guns in classrooms are just as appropriate as dildos in classrooms. The normalization of gun culture has put too many guns in too many poorly trained hands in our public spaces. We're here to show you how ridiculous it would look if everyone in society "carried" something."

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