Episode 3 -- Chris Kluwe


In this episode we talk to Chris about his career with the Minnesota Vikings, his outspoken stance on LGBTQ rights and the mindset behind speaking truth to power, and his new careers as an author and game designer.

Show Quotes

  • 13:25 “I'm working on a sequel to a science fiction book….”

  • 22:25 “My parents had a rule that if it was light outside you had to be outside doing something”

  • 27: 45: “I was lying on the ground clutching my knee and screaming and my coaches first words were…”
  • 34:30: “I try to learn the fundamentals of things I do, because that way you know how to correct your mistakes”
  • 43:15: I tore my ACL, the team didn’t tell me my ACL was torn, so I finished out the last three games of the season putting with a torn ACL in my kicking leg…”
  • 53:34: “I stopped using homophobic language because I guess I matured, and I figured out this wasn’t something I wanted to be doing.
  • 1:01:49: “There have always been blood sports, and people have always wanted to watch them…”
  • 1:17:10 “if enough of us keep doing it and we set the example that this is how society is supposed to act, eventual those in power change…”


Say hi to Chris on Twitter and check out his book: "Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies: On Myths, Morons, Free Speech, Football, and Assorted Absurdities"

Special thanks to Michael Goldman and his band NONA for providing our theme music for the episode. His interview will be launching shortly too, stay tuned!

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