Episode 2 -- Michelle Easter (NASA)

From Fashion to NASA

In this episode, we talk to Michelle Easter about growing up on a farm, spending most of her 20s traveling the world as a high-fashion model, and about how building a solar-powered doghouse for her puppy prompted her to go back to school to get a STEM degree. She also tells us all about the robotic stuff she’s building for NASA and about the STEM-focused non-profit she started to get more unlikely people to study science and math.

Show Notes

11:00 — We talk about how we energized with Il Morso pre-‘cast

22:54 — Michelle talks about the transition from living on her family farm in Maryland to studying make-up in Burbank to modeling in South Korea, all within a very short time.

46:00 — Michelle talks about how building a doghouse for her dog started her on the path to engineering

1:09:00 — Michelle attempts to explain how she’s building a robotic arm inside a cryogenic vacuum space simulator. We only partially understand her.

1:15:00 — She explains why she started Mind Makers, a non-profit to help others realize their potential in the STEM fields.

Say hi to Michelle on Twitter and please take a look at her incredible nonprofit, Mind Makers Project

Special thanks to Michael Goldman and his band NONA for providing our theme music for the episode. His interview will be launching shortly too, stay tuned!

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