Episode 1 -- Prince Ea

Big news everybody, we're live! 

Today I'm excited to release our first episode of the Millennials Don't Suck Podcast. After months of work, interviewing dozens of inspiring people, the day has finally come. 

In this episode we interview Prince Ea, a spoken word artist, thought leader, and all-around awesome dude. We discuss his beginnings starting in St. Louis, his musical influences, the creative process, and much more.

  • 16:50 — We talk about Il Morso Coffee Bars and how deliciously energizing they are. You get 15% off if you use promo code MILLENNIALS at check-out. (www.ilmorso.com)
  • 23:50 — Prince talks about first listening to Immortal Technique and how it changed how he saw the world
  • 44:25 — How Prince chooses a topic for a video: “If this is the last thing I’m going to say, what should I say?”
  • 51:45 — “It’s not like I’ve done so much. Half a billion (views), that’s it? It’s really about ‘what have you done your last at-bat?’” 
  • 57:15 — We have the chance and the opportunity to question life. A lot of other people don’t. That gives us a unique opportunity to help and heal the world.

Say hi to Prince on Twitter and you need to see his incredible YouTube channel

Special thanks to Michael Goldman and his band NONA for providing our theme music for the episode. His interview will be launching shortly too, stay tuned!