Episode 71 - Thomas Doochin (Daymaker) - MILLENNIALS DON'T SUCK PODCAST

I spoked to Thomas Doochin this week about why giving is so important, where our society is following short, and how our generation might change our collective trajectory. 

Thomas is the founder of Daymaker, a digital giving platform that is the first of its kind. The company, which partners with local chapters of high-impact non-profits across the country, is the only online giving website that allows donors to purchase real gifts for kids in need year-round. 

Thomas came up with the idea of Daymaker while studying for his undergraduate degree at UNC, and officially launched the company in 2015. To date, Thomas has lead Daymaker in facilitating giving for over 10,000 families in 48 states and 17 countries, helping more than 30,000 kids.


This episode is sponsored by iBme, a nonprofit that offers in-depth mindfulness programming for youth and the parents and professionals who support them.

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