Episode 75 - Alex Calle (Entertainment Design Corporation) - MILLENNIALS DON'T SUCK PODCAST

This week I spoke to CEO of Entertainment Design Corporation, Alex Calle about how the theme park industry is innovating, how his single mom used community theater in place of finding a babysitter, and the time his company built two dancing cranes. 

Alex takes a unique approach to directing, producing, and design, utilizing his background in theatre to above all, tell a story. A graduate of the California Institute of the Arts, he has worked on Film, Television, Theater, Themed Entertainment, and Public Art Installations all over the world.

Alex also serves as CEO of Entertainment Design Corporation (EDC), a company comprised of over 30 artists that designs and produces Branding Icon Attractions, Themed Retail Experiences, and Live Shows. In recent years, Alex worked on installing two 20-million-dollar Branding Icon Attractions for the Galaxy Entertainment group in Macau, and two E-Ticket Dreamworks attractions for Dubai Parks and Resorts’ Motiongate Themepark. Before that, Alex was based in Singapore bringing EDC’s Crane Dance project to life—a 70-million dollar Branding Icon for Resorts WorldSentosa. Alex’s film and television productions include the MTV MovieAwards, Pirates of the Caribbean II and III, and Starz’s Magic City. He has also served as the Art Director and Co-Designer for EDC’s last seven designs for Princess Cruises.