New York Times

"Suddenly you’re the only person responsible for you — and that includes where you go, what you do, and crucially, how you pay for it. If you are feeling existential dread and wish someone had covered this phase of adulthood in a lecture, here are several podcasts to turn to for guidance."


VICE: Creators Project

"All too often we're thought of as apathetic, self-centered, and on a fast-track to failure, but California-natives Ari Andersen and Matthew Little are on a quest to prove that Millennials Don't Suck. At 22 episodes and counting, their titular podcast illuminates an alternative reality, one far closer to the truth. Recorded out of Andersen's home in East Los Angeles, he and Little seek out and exhibit the "community-driven content" that is both coming from and serving the world's diverse communities of young people."

Huffington Post

"But the real issue here is figuring out what and who we should be paying attention to. In an economy where attention is now the most valuable resource we possess, how are we spending it? Justin Bieber’s latest mishap or the T-Swift-Kanye feud are so much juicier than potentially finding the next Albert Einstein or inventing a device to clean the world’s oceans."

Business Insider

"The most overwhelming reaction that I've heard is, 'Oh, I've got 10 people I could recommend to you,'" Little said. "I think if you start putting that positive lens on millennials, folks go, 'Yeah, I totally agree. My coworker, my sister, the guy down the street, are doing amazing things as well and you need to talk to them.' We show them one and they recommend 10."